What is an Apartment Syndication?

Apartment Syndication refers to the process of pooling together capital and resources from multiple investors to acquire and operate a multifamily property, such as an apartment complex. Trouvaille Capital takes the lead in identifying investment opportunities, structuring the deal, and managing the property. This method of investing offers a way for individual investors to participate in larger-scale real estate investments, benefit from professional management, and potentially generate passive income and equity growth.

Ownership structure

In a syndication, properties are held by a ownership entity that is partially owned by GP (General Partners) and LP (Limited Partners).

GPs are active members who are responsible for all the managing part of the property- identifying and analyzing properties, capital raising, acquisition process, managing day to day operations, implementing value-add strategies, and ultimately executing the exit strategy. GPs typically holds a smaller percentage of the ownership.

LPs are passive members who contribute capital to the syndication in exchange for an ownership interest in the property. They do not take any participation in day to day operations and management of the property. LPs typically hold the majority of the ownership interest in the syndication.

What is our role in your success in multifamily?

We focus on four steps to strengthen your wealth.

Identify value add property

We carefully assess and evaluate prospective apartment properties in our target market that aligns with our acquisition criteria.

Due Diligence

Our trusted and experienced team will do a thorough assessment of it's financial performance and if it is within our profitability and growth standard, then we conduct a physical inspections.

Acquisition and Financing

We also take all the leg work on negotiating with lenders to obtain the favorable terms to secure the necessary funds to acquire the property that will minimize the cost and maximize the return.

Asset Management

We work with industry professionals who efficiently handles property management, implements value-enhancing tactics, and diligently oversees day-to-day operations.

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